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Few Unique Feminine Products
For Your Comfort

We at Pretty Woman are looking to make sure that you have access to the best products which will help you live your periods comfortably with the products which is not just good for you but also for the environment as well.


Menstruating Days

It’s the time of the month again where you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Understanding your body and a few helpful products will make your period feel like a breeze.


Stains truly are the devil! And is also an indicator of you wearing the wrong product. It is important that you pick a product which works well on your body for ultimate protection.

Unique Products

There are many feminine hygiene products in the market, which you can help you meet your specific needs from comfort to flexibility while allowing you to experience a safe period.


Well, Women bleed! This is very uncomfortable for them. One way to ease your pain is to understand your body better and work with it to provide a sense of relief.

50% Off 3 Cotton Menstrual Protective Underwear

Passion Dust

Passion dust is for those women out there who experience a lot of discharge but want to mask it. It is a vaginal capsule which will make it look like your vagina leaks glitter every time. This is specially made for the times you are about to have sex!

Discharge Control

Discharge is a very natural process of your vagina, trying to clean itself to keep everything fresh. Keeping the discharge in control can be difficult, but with a few simple tips from us, you can live your life odour free down there.

Customized Napkins

Customised napkins are for people who rely on pads for comfort and also looking for something which can protect them. We can give you access to napkins which feels natural and breathable while being biodegradable.


Many women consume tablets when they are not comfortable doing their day to day activities. But it is important to learn that consuming tablets can have a long term effect on the body. It is important that you contact your gynaecologist to discuss healthy alternatives.

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woman fitness

Why We Recommend A Personal Trainer For All Females

As a newbie in the world of fitness, everything about exercise, working out using various tools, and establishing a routine may all feel like an arduous task. All you may have is a goal or a target that you wish to achieve and a little bit of knowledge about the gym from the internet but, do not fret. Just start with a personal trainer.

Here are some reasons why you should:


Educate You

A personal trainer will teach you all about the basics of working out. They will help you identify your physical strengths and weaknesses, map out your training programs and schedule your routine plans depending on your capacity.

A trainer will teach you how to use exercise equipment, to maintain the correct posture when lifting, pulling, or doing reps. All you need to do is zero down the areas you want to work on. Your trainer will help you get started by making sure you are exercising correctly.


Support You

Having a personal trainer is like having a therapist. They will push you towards your goal by challenging you. They will support you from the time they sign up with you till the day you achieve your milestone.

They will make sure you are disciplined enough not to slack and motivated enough not to get bored.

For a trainer, clients are their utmost priority. Their commitment is a reflection of their respect towards fitness and developing a healthy lifestyle.



If you have been injured and need to invest in your speedy recovery, a personal trainer can help you achieve that.

Personal trainers are specialized in the human anatomy and nutritional facts.

Should your doctor recommend requiring some motor activities post an injury, get started with a personal trainer. The right trainer will help you get into the correct basics of training, addressing specific areas that require attention. Do not attempt to train on your own. You may just as well cause further damage to your body.

You can also hire a personal trainer if you want to get back in shape after a pregnancy. There are unique pieces of training for these situations. It is not too late to start your fitness program after your first child.

Likewise, there are unique exercises for patients with weak hearts, people who are on traction, etc.



A personal trainer is invested in your fitness journey as much as you do. They look after your overall progress, from what time you should wake up to what you should eat and how many hours of practice you need to put into your work-outs.

They monitor your achievement scale and even motivate you if you are hungover and feeling bad. Trainers will tell you if you need to slow down or pace up. For this reason, people who are in the sports profession hire personal trainers.

They act as living reminders of why clients have started working out in the first place. And to work with them is to see victory one step at a time.


Final thoughts

Excellent Health and fitness go hand in hand. You cannot achieve a perfect sound body and mind without exercise. To shed off unhealthy lifestyles, you have to start somewhere. If you have the means, invest in a personal trainer at a quality fitness studio who can positively introduce you to the fitness world, and you do not have to go through the hassle of doing intensive research.

If you are not ready just yet, you can always take baby steps. Start from home, go for a brisk walk, do yoga, etc. Remember, staying fit will produce long-term results, and you will thank yourself one day for choosing this road.

The Best Female Beauty Accessories For Sports

 When you’re going sports, you tend to get quite worked up and sweaty. It’s not exactly the most appealing thought on the planet, especially when you want to be able to look still and feel your best.


For that reason, a lot of people have taken to looking for beauty products to use during their sporting endeavours. These products have been designed to make sure you look at your best regardless of what you find yourself doing. To try and help you to look good all the time, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best beauty products for sporting activities.


La Roche Posay


First up is something aimed at cyclists or anyone who experiences dry skin when they’ve been out exercising. This is a special kind of moisturiser which has been designed solely to make sure that you are getting access to the type of soft and hydrated skin that you work too hard to maintain in your outside life. It’s easy to apply and will help to make sure that you look your best from when you start your exercise to when you finish it.


Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three


For all of you swimmers out there, this is the bit of the blog for you. Swimming is a highly enjoyable activity as we’re sure that many of you know, but it’s also one of the most damaging for your hair. Constant exposure to all of the chemicals which are commonly found in swimming pools means that hair can be brittle and unhealthy after a while. That’s why we suggest that you consider this shampoo, which has been designed to rejuvenate and regenerate the hair. For best results, pair with a conditioner which does the same sort of thing, and you’ll be fine.


Leighton Denny Well Heeled Exfoliating Foot Masque


There’s no doubt that dancing is a very rigorous and demanding discipline. We’re often in awe of people who can dance well, but they will tell you that there’s an awful lot of blisters and sore feet involved. This can often be a real detriment to your dancing and takes a lot of guts and grit to keep going through. Thankfully, this foot massaging item means that you’re going to be restoring and repairing the skin while helping you to stay at the top of your game.


Overall, these are just a few of the best possible beauty products for people who do sports and want to try and look and feel their best at all times. It’s not always easy to maintain an excellent appearance while exercising and after it, but we feel that with the right kinds of beauty products it’s possible. It would be well worth it to be able to come from exercising to going out with friends and managing to look radiant throughout, or just being able to enjoy a life which is free from injury and complication. No, it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.




Benefits Of Women’s Gym Wear

Entering the daunting world of exercise can be seriously daunting especially for females. There are so many different workout regimes and plans available, a seemingly endless supply of machines in the gym and a host of different websites, blogs and articles telling you how you get to achieve the best results. However, regardless of what your personal health and fitness goals are, whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or tone up, there’s one thing that’s universal – the right women’s gym wear can help you to achieve your fitness goals faster says personal trainer London mike. Here’s his reasons why!


It’ll give you motivation


The first reason why choosing the right female workout clothes can help you burn calories faster is that ensuring a good workout wardrobe will give you motivation to exercise. When it comes to working out, half the battle is psyching yourself up to go. With a workout outfit that makes you feel great, fits well and boosts your self esteem, you’ll feel more motivated to work out and consequently will exercise more, therefore burning more calories.


A good fit is key for movement


Choosing workout equipment that fits well, is flexible and supports you in the right places will be key for movement. If you don’t have workout gear that allows for proper range of movement and stretching, then it’s unlikely that you’ll fulfil your workout potential, and therefore you won’t truly get as much from your exercise routine as you might like to. Ensuring the right fit will let you really move how your body needs to, helping you to burn those calories and have an effective gym workout.


Good workout clothes can wick away sweat


When you’re really working hard, whether that’s in the gym, on a run or in an organised sport, sweat can seriously get in the way and impact your workout. Whether it makes your hands slippery, gets in your eyes or simply makes you uncomfortable, choosing workout clothing that can wick away the sweat will help to keep you from overheating, allowing you to extend your workout times and get those calories burnt.


 Offer adequate insulation for colder weather


It can be incredibly difficult to workout in the winter – especially if your exercise of choice is running outdoors. The cold weather can be brutal and it can impact your effectiveness. That is of course, unless you have the appropriate workout gear! Great workout gear will offer you adequate insulation for colder weather, helping you to get the most out of your workouts even in the bitter freezing cold – helping you to keep burning calories right throughout the winter.




One of the most important elements of exercise is safety – particularly when it comes to running or lifting weights. Ensuring that you have the appropriate and correct footwear that will offer you stability will ensure your running is safe and that you don’t cause yourself any injury. The right shoes can offer protection from blisters and cramp, as well as offering you stability. The appropriate gloves for lifting weights can help you to avoid blisters and calluses on your hands. Investing in the correct workout gear for yourEntering the daunting world of exercise can be seriously daunting. There are so many different workout regimes and plans available, a seemingly endless supply of machines in the gym and a host of different websites, blogs and articles telling you how you get to achieve the best results. However, regardless of what your personal health and fitness goals are, whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or tone up, there’s one thing that’s universal – the right gym wear can help you to achieve your goals faster. Here’s how!



Alternatives To Tampons That Really Work

Most women often grow up thinking that there are no other ways of controlling your flow except for pads and tampons. There are many innovations in the industry for example passion dust plus other innovations which have allowed many women to live a free and comfortable life even during their periods. Here are a few alternatives to tampons which can allow you to enjoy comfort.

Reusable menstrual cups

This is a staple for many women as reusable menstrual cups are one of the earliest known innovations which have changed how women see periods. There are many brands with many shapes and sizes available which can take up three to four times the capacity of a tampon. The menstrual cups are especially beneficial for the people with the heavy flow as it can help contain everything.


Tampliners is an innovative product which has fully reinvented itself as a traditional tampon. It has a similar tampon design and can be less bulky to help provide the comfort which is needed and can also catch the flow in the inter labial linings.


Period friendly panties

If you are someone who likes to carefree, you have access to some of the most popular brands. Wearing these panties allows women to feel like they are free bleeding without dealing with the mess. There are many products which are made for a woman who heavy bleeds as well.

Menstrual disk

The menstrual disk is unlike any other we have seen as it acts as a plug which will allow people to position it inside the body and help block the blood flow from entering in your labia itself. Menstrual disks can allow you to enjoy a number of activities without feeling the needs for period flow, allowing you to stay comfortably. You can also exercise and also have an easy period sex.

Menstrual disk

Customisable subscription boxes

There are many subscription boxes which are customisable and can also allow you to move around without any mess. With a subscription, you can get all the answers to your period from products to relaxing activities. Try to look into many different types of subscription boxes and find the one which allows you to comfort and products you require during your period time.

Sea sponges

If you are looking into something new and also the best for the environment, a tampon is not the best alternative. A sea sponge can easily last up to three to six cycles and can be replaced as a tampon. It can easily be removed cleaned and reused and can act as well as a tampon. A sea sponge can easily be used and disposed of as it is easily biodegradable, unlike pads which can get filled up in the land-fills.


Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules: Everything You Need To Know

Passion dust is designed to help resolve a common trail that women face, which is the discharge. One of the main concerns for women is the fact when the vaginal discharge dried up and leaves a nasty residue. These vaginal discharge is natural and proves your body is always on the work. Passion dust is one product which is target towards women who may need some help with their discharge situation. Passion dust does not affect your bodies natural process, which also involves a bit of visual results and can feel like you are leaving a sparkle.

Passion dust is a sparkliest capsule which is designed to be formulated for the safety of vaginal use. The dust is not a medical supplement nor a treatment for the odour, UTI or yeast infection. The main purpose of this dust is to help you with the cosmetic purpose of having a glitter discharge without having to worry about the dried up stains on the underwear. You can also wear a panty liner to help you with the fun.

How does it work?

The effects are quite simple, where you are supposed to insert the pill in your vagina and let it melt. The moisture and the warmth of your vagina, which cause the capsule itself to dissolve and in approximately an hour, you will see the sparkle release. The particles that are leaving your body is just the mother natures work of cleaning the vagina, which is why the effects of the pill last for a short time. It has a very visible effect where you can see the sparkle release, especially when you are visiting the washroom and wiping yourself.

Passion Dust

Sex and Passion Dust

This is one of the main concerns for many individuals, but sex with the passion dust can make it more fun. The glitter is not gritty rather is comfortable with no unique taste of its own. The pill is designed with virgin coconut oil formulations, but the taste does not come through. Also, these pills are not a lubricant which comes with the oil and can affect the integrity of some condoms.

It is important to learn that capsule is not meant for consumption and is best when used vaginally. This capsule is just meant for the vagina and not any other orifices. This product may seem weird is safe, and the ingredients used are all-natural. The glitter also is made from biodegradable plant cellulose without any perfumes and sugars. The vagina is a very delicate place, and our product is specifically designed to match the PH of the same area. Passion dust glitter is made for sensitive skin, but it is important that you learn everything about the same before using the product.

Feminine Hygiene

Reasons To Switch To Natural Feminine Hygiene

The female private areas are some of the most sensitive regions of a human body and taking care of them, especially during their menstrual cycle is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. Female hygiene products are some of the best bets one can place on keeping the specific area healthy. But these products are filled with synthetic materials and chlorine which are extremely disruptive for the health of the area. There are many natural feminine products out there which is much more effective than the disposable options. Cloth pads, menstrual cups, sea sponges, etc., are some of the most naturally available feminine hygiene products which you can make use of as they are comfortable.

More healthy

These natural feminine hygiene products are made from natural materials as they do not contain chlorine in them. Chlorine is used regularly in many feminine health products as it acts antibodies which can kill the beneficial organisms in the vaginal canal. These organisms play a very important part in your health. Especially for a woman who has delivered vaginally require something soft and durable, which can help her feel confident.

feminine hygiene products

There are more comfortable

Synthetic pads have a plastic sound to them every time you move, which can be very uncomfortable to witness. Tampons are highly absorbent and can be very drying as well as the potential to dry your vagina. Some of the best alternatives for this is for you to wear a cup or a cloth pad which is very comfortable. There are many women who report that menstrual cup in the first try is not going to be a breeze, but once you figure it out, it is very comfortable.

They work better

When women experience blood clots, and heavy flow tampons is not it. A cup is the best way to go it allows you to catch everything with literally no issues, and on the lighter days, a clot pad is very helpful. Another advantage of wearing a cup or a cloth pad is one can understand your bodies process, which is completely healthy. This will also indicate the tweaks that you require in your nutrition to help improve your flow.

You will save money

Cloth pads and menstrual cups for starters are an up-front investment which is brought ready-made, or you can make on your own with the help of a few materials. These materials will easily last a person for a year and can have multiple health benefits and can also stay comfortable for longer. These menstrual cups and cloth pads will ensure that you feel that every penny that you spend on them is worth it.


3 WTF Viral Vagina Trends from the Last Decade

The vagina is a body part mostly known for its self-cleaning properties, and it works in such a way so that women find it easier to manage. Despite the existence of this scientifically proven fact, some women tend to fall for the outrageous claims of certain vaginal care products. These trends are worthy of being debunked, but it would be just better to ignore them for as long as they remain futile. You need to look into the features of every such trend to see how superficial they are. Let us have a look at the five viral vagina trends from the past decade that no longer exist.

1.      Vaginal Streaming

Gwyneth Paltrow can be wholly credited for the popularity of this trend. In vaginal steaming, a herb-infused mug of water is used to steam your vagina. The purported benefits of steaming are said to be the regulation of menstruation, ease of period cramps and bloating, and cleansing of the uterus and vagina. Chamomile, wormwood, calendula, oregano, and basil are some of the herbs that are the most commonly used in this practice. Basil is a personal favorite of many women, but that doesn’t justify its use without substantial proof for the benefits of steaming. Many gynaecologists have spoken against this practice saying that it is dangerous to attempt for getting the vagina a toasty.

Vaginal Streaming

2.      Vagina/Perineal Sunning

Next celebrity on this list to have generated a vaginal trend is Shailene Woodley, the Divergent series star. When she spoke about perineal sunning in an interview, her fans perceived it in the two possible extremities of rolling their eyes over it to being excited about trying it. Although it was her who was the first to have mentioned it publicly, several other communities have been practicing it for a long time. While health professionals warn against doing it, the people who have been practicing it for quite a while now claim for it to have energy-boosting effects and better sleep-inducing properties. Your vagina can extract the same vitamin D benefits from a vitamin D supplement; so, you don’t need to expose your private parts to the burning sunlight to be affected by the risks of skin cancer.

3.      Jade Eggs

Going back to the queen of such trends, Gwyneth Paltrow; she has had a great role in promoting such trends. Jade Egg insertion, as per the claims of Goop, is said to improve your sex life, balance your menstrual cycle, and intensify your energy. What followed was an influx of backlash, which led to the filing of a lawsuit that claimed the company’s promises were, indeed, false and scientifically unreliable. A settlement on the lawsuit was followed by the customers returning their eggs for a full refund. Goop continued the sale of these eggs without any tags or accompanying health benefits. The uncertainty that lingered in the zone of jade eggs was cleared by doctors when they said that Jade Eggs are simply ‘an expensive hoax’ that spews false claims of having the power to restore your hormones, making sex double the fun, and cure incontinence.

Glitter Bombs

How a Mother of Three Invented Vaginal Glitter Bombs

Averting our eyes towards anything that shines is an innate human quality that cannot be repressed into nothingness. Everything that dazzles might not do you good, but some of the newly discovered possibilities seem to be extremely resplendent with joy. Giving a sparkle to the vagina before sexual intercourse would most certainly add more fun to the night. Only an eccentric person could give roots to such a splendid invention. It was a woman with three children who found the potential of a glitter bomb in taking sex to a greater level of gratification.

Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules, upon insertion into a vagina, release a dusting of candy-scented sparkes. The product’s description has clearly mentioned to insert it into the vagina at least one hour before indulging in sex. It is said to emanate a certain lusciousness to every woman’s body, making it an almost irresistible urge for the men to jump right into the woman’s nether regions.

About the Creator and Creation

Lola-Butterflie Von-Kerius, a patient of brain tumour, is, indeed, the brain behind this marvelous creation. She has been selling the novelties at her house in Houston, which she had to close in a few weeks due to the high demand. It was just a matter of a few months before her website received an enormous number of clicks. Orders keep coming in every minute of the day, making this one form of fetish for a group of people.

candy-scented sparkes

Lola wants to get her tumor removed, but what concerns her the most is child care, and that alone has made her hold off on the procedure. This period of sheer fortitude and determination made her take the risk of creating a product that has the potential to generate a huge mass of fans. Since she couldn’t apply for any other job due to her unreliable vision, the only strategy that she thought would do her good is of being an entrepreneur. She had been selling cosmetics such as eye shadow, glitter balms, and other sparky stuff.

Lola was stricken by the idea to make this unique product in 2015, which she considered a personal invention with a great emotional investment. She tried it on herself first, but she forgot about it until the next day. Her friends also helped her out in the testing stage, which turned out yielding positive results. It was only after this she decided to sell the product with a proper tag to it of having been made through experience-based evidence.

Kim Chedi, who was one of the initial happy customers, said the product was extremely satisfying, both for her and her partner. She claimed for it to have a certain magic to it that kept exuding all the time, and that has made her a patron. Side effects had to be tested for the safe sale of the product; Kim stated that she experienced no such adverse side effect as she had been taking woman-wellness exams every year. Users have been claiming the product to be completely healthy and beneficial.

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Pretty Inc allowed me to open my eyes from the large variety of period products one can choose from period panties to cups. I am experimenting with the products, which allowed me to live my period days more freely.
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