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What is Passion Dust?

Passion Dust is a very unique, innovative new feminine product designed as an alternative to wearing the traditional panty liner. Despite the controversy surrounding the ingredients of Passion Dust (Q&A page), women all over the country are now swearing by it! An issue shared universally between all women is how we all manage vaginal discharge and panty stains. It's nothing to be weird about or ashamed of because it's a normal and natural physiological process that let's us know that mother nature is doing her job, but still, it can also be a sticky, uncomfortable mess and panty stains are embarrassing and no woman truly wants to wear those icky, sticky liners that get twisted in your undies all day, everyday.


Passion Dust does not have any medical benefits. Passion Dust only affects the aesthetics of vaginal fluid it does not affect your vaginal structure or processes. Passion Dust is body safe, non-toxic, biodegradable contains no harmful chemicals, stimulants or enhancers.