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Response to all media

Passion Dust in the news

To our customers

In light of the recent media scrutiny surrounding Passion Dust we want our customers to know that the creators of Passion Dust are women; with that being said, we would not promote or sell a product that we would not use our selves or that would harm other women. Passion Dust is in no way a product being sold to "body shame" women or imply that the woman's natural fluids are not already fine as nature intended. That is why it is a novelty item. The contents of Passion Dust are not harmful but, medical professionals are obligated by their oath to advise women against the use of products such as Passion Dust or any product that introduces foreign bodies or objects into a woman's vagina. We understand that, which is why at the end of the day it is a matter of choice for a woman. But we do not want women to fear trying Passion Dust. If you have pre-existing issues or a history of vaginal issues such as yeast infections or are just hyper sensitive then of course we do not advise you to use it. We encourage you to read and research if it makes you more comfortable trying our product because we have nothing to hide. Please base your decision on what you learn not what you've heard.

We appreciate your support! ❤️

The "Vaginal Glitter Bomb"

As it is being referred to in the news.

Several media outlets have begun writing fluff articles and stunt stories, making videos and issuing statements against the use of Passion Dust. 

Here is our statement to all media requests for comment;

Well Duh!, basically, use at your own risk--as you should with anything. We know that 'glitter' is not something commonly used in the vagina but that does not mean that it can't be used in the vagina for the purpose that we have intended Passion Dust to be used for. We do not think that our customers are lacking the intelligence or the ability to discern if they want to use Passion Dust as the adult novelty that it is. No one has to defend what they may want to use or try in the privacy of their bedrooms whether it be toys, whipped cream, candies, powders and everything else that is frowned upon in adult boutiques and issued with warning labels. If you are someone who would not personally use such items or products then that is your choice. Some people like plain vanilla and then there are those who love sprinkles!

We have no intentions on addressing every negative story or media news request because no matter what statements we issue in defense of our product it will be someone's job or mission to dispute, debunk or discredit every statement made. We would never ask women to use our product against medical advice and we address such concerns on our Q&A page. We are in no way saying that you should ignore any possible risk that using Passion Dust could have, our stance on the topic is that there is risk in any and almost everything that you do when you are talking about introducing anything foreign into the vagina. This includes all products; from Passion Dust to everything on the feminine hygiene isle in every major store chain across the world. Passion Dust is an adult novelty item, we ask women who are wanting to try it to simply use common sense when deciding if Passion Dust is a product they wish to use alone or introduce into their bedroom. We cannot say that it is 100% safe for every woman, because every woman is different. Out of the hundreds of women who have already purchased Passion Dust nothing will happen, but there may be one woman who finds she is too sensitive to use it so she obviously should not use it again. However, that woman may make it a crusade to stop every other woman who can use it without issue just because of her own personal experience. And anyone who already hates the idea of Passion Dust will just take that and run with it anyway to scare other women. It is the job of the doctor's to tell you not to put foreign things in your vagina because of all the frightening things that could happen and that is 100% right!...but anything "could happen" that does not mean, nor can they claim that it definitively will happen or that it will happen to you. We give women credit for being able to decide for themselves. Find something that a doctor will tell you is 'OK' or 'safe' to use that doesn't come with a 1,000 word leaflet in the box telling you all of the possible risks you could be taking using that specific product as it sits on store shelves with FDA approval behind it. Have you ever actually read that little booklet in your tampon box?.. all of those scary things could happen to you but you use those items anyway, everyday and ignore the many risks to your health--even though those trusted items and products pose more of a threat than Passion Dust. I guess some people just really HATE glitter..(go figure).

See what happens when you try to have "safe sex" using a latex condom only to learn that you have a latex allergy and that's why your vagina is itchy and swollen. You were being safe but never the less, you took a risk by just having sex period, now you have an itchy, swollen, angry vagina and you were using a "safe" and trusted product that billions of other women are able to use with no problem so that they can safely enjoy the pleasures of intercourse. What do you do?...sue the condom company because you have an allergy or just stop using latex condoms???...How long did you use a douche before you heard that you shouldn't do that either?, and you thought you were just being extra clean! (who knew).

If you hate the idea or concept of Passion Dust then we all but insist that you JUST DON'T TRY IT!. Nothing we could ever say is going to stop haters from hating and everyone has a job to do so we will leave it to be done. We cannot claim that no woman will ever have an adverse reaction to Passion Dust (hasn't happened) but you, your vagina and your body chemistry is not the same as the other women who may be able to use it with no negative effects at all. That's unfortunate for you, not the other women who can use it just fine. they sell POP-ROCKS for sex..seriously, we're just sayin'... to each their own.

We anticipate that with the media coverage there will be some backlash, including false claims made by people who are (for some reason) truly upset by the mere existence of Passion Dust and we have no desire to try and convince or change the minds of people who have set out to hate our product. In fact, we are certain that some people will order it just to be able to say that they bought it and hate it! (lol). We understand that because It's new, it's different and the first of it's kind that it will have to be hazed and endure being the subject of public ridicule for a minute before people will allow it to be great in it's own right and be welcomed into the circle of trust.

Critics will always be there and we cannot (will not) take the time to address them, fight them and debate with them. We are focused and will continue to focus on our customers who support our Passion Dust product and already know that Passion Dust is a perfectly fine, fun and safe product and we will continue to show our appreciation to them by continuing to provide the product that they love!

Thank you ❤️