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Q & A

Your questions answered


Well we'd rather have more than you want to read than not enough information. While certain areas of our website may be sprinkled with brooding sarcasm for our critics to draw from (because we're SO defensive, Grrrr!); for our curious consumers who have a genuine interest in the product we have tried to seriously address product questions and possible concerns that you may have about Passion Dust. We hope that you will find this information helpful in your research.


What is it, what does it do?

Passion Dust Magiculate Capsules 

are a novelty product item for women. An alternative to wearing panty liners to prevent discharge stains and underwear damage caused by vaginal acidity.

Passion Dust is the first product of it's kind EVER. That is also part of the reason people are freaking out over over Passion Dust, because there is no other product created by a woman for women for this issue. Passion Dust is a small sparkleized capsule that dissolves when you insert it into your vagina the magiculate formula inside the capsule mixes with your vaginal fluid so that whenever you have a natural discharge it will sparkle. The result is what we call "magicum".


  • Passion Dust is not scented

  • Passion Dust does not induce or create any physical feelings or sensations in the genitals or body.

  • Passion Dust is not a medicinal product and cannot be used to treat any gynecological conditions such as; vaginal odor, vaginal dryness or yeast infections.  

  • Passion Dust capsules do not come in different flavors or scents. 

  • Passion Dust is for vaginal use only. The moisture and fluids produced by the vagina are what lubricate the Passion Dust so that it is able to be protected and cleaned out naturally by your body. Anal use: does not externally produce the fluids or natural lubricants that the vagina does.

  • Also, women who perform oral sex on a male partner AFTER using Passion Dust during sex may experience the feeling of small granules in their mouth. If you are going to perform oral sex on your male partner we advise pleasing him first. Before he goes in, not after.

NOTE: You can use Passion Dust as often as you like. The sparkling effect can last for up to 5 days. We recommend inserting right before you shower or bathe. The heat from the shower or bath will assist in helping  the capsule dissolve. 

Is it safe?

Passion Dust is safe for use as intended. But below we have added a few disclaimers for people who must take extra precautions before using female intimacy products or feminine hygiene products. 


For some people no matter how much information we give it will not be enough or satisfactory enough to curb the criticism of people who choose to attack Passion Dust. While we do not agree with the way some people have chosen to express their opinions about our product, we respect everyone's right to have an opinion.


IS PASSION DUST FDA APPROVED?: The answer is, No. Here's why.

NOTHING that contains cosmetic grade glitter can be FDA approved because the FDA has yet to determine if it is even necessary. So even though every major cosmetics company around the globe is using it; in your favorite lip gloss, eye shadow, body powder and highlighter, it's not FDA approved. Our product is non-toxic and the glitter coloring used is cosmetic grade, biodegradable in both soil and sea water, is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Passion Dust falls under the category of "cosmetics" because of its purpose being to alter or change the physical appearance. Presently the FDA says they have no evidence that glitter, as used in cosmetics poses a health risk, and at this time are taking no action.

If you have Asthma or respiratory issues DO NOT use Passion Dust. The small particles could agitate such conditions.

INGREDIENTS and ALLERGIES: All ingredients used are non-toxic. Cosmetic grade biodegradable, environmentally safe glitter. If you have any allergies to coconut oil, sucrose or (sugar) based products or vegetable based products do not use Passion Dust as we do not know what effects the product may have on you.


Yes, it has been tested. Passion Dust tested very well with women between the ages of 19 to 47 who were already using products such as panty liners to prevent discharge discomfort and stains. All of the women who tried the product for testing were asked to:

  • Use Passion Dust for a period of 3 to 9 months.

  • Use before, during and after their menstrual cycles

  • Use once a week and/or twice a month

  • Use during intercourse (with and without the use of condoms) 

  • Also tested by women who often experience or have experienced vaginal discomfort or hypersensitivity to other feminine products that may have affected their PH balance resulting in common issues like, yeast infections or similar side-effects. 

These women followed up with their private OB/GYN's for their regular pelvic exams, and 62 out of 62 women (and their partners) all had 100% normal test results and no reports of negative or adverse reactions during or after use.

This is all good news! However, everyone will not be able to use Passion Dust for one reason or another simply because no product is 100% safe for EVERYone so what is safe for some people is subjective. We cannot predict who may possibly have an adverse reaction. We can only advise that if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in Passion Dust do NOT use it. Know your body. If you do decide to try it and experience any form of discomfort while using please discontinue use and follow-up with your gynecologist.

Also, using Passion Dust for its intended purpose has been ill-advised by medical professionals. Passion Dust is not proven to be dangerous or harmful in spite of much speculation and skepticism about the product. There have been no case studies and there are no other products like it to say unequivocally that it will cause bodily harm. 


Glitter is not edible and it does not dissolve (unless made of sugar crystals). The amount of glitter used in each capsule is extremely minimal. Ingesting the glitter (during oral sex for example) is not considered harmful to the body because the same glitter used is some cosmetics such as lipsticks and  lip glosses, is unintentionally ingested through transference ( i.e., licking your lips, from lips to your teeth, when you eat or drink or kiss, etc..). It is not enough to cause bodily harm if swallowed.

However, swallowing the capsule orally could have different effects on the body. Ideally, it would just pass through your body to your bowels and at worst end up with sparkly poop. But we have concerns that if it were to dissolve along the way traveling to places like the lungs where glitter particles could cause very serious harm the results could detrimental. So if you are using Passion Dust please use as directed.


The truth is; We have users who have not had any issues using Passion Dust with condoms but there has also been expressed concern about if the coconut oil and/or glitter in Passion Dust could breakdown the latex material affecting the integrity or effectiveness of the condom. Because not everyone will have the same issue we suggest using with an added latex safe lubricant and proceeding with caution.


For men who worry about it entering their urethra during intercourse and causing possible UTI's; during intercourse right up until they climax men have a small amount of pre-ejaculate or “pre-cum” that is continuously coming out of the penis. If any of the glitter particles were to make their way inside they would be pushed back out by the pre-cum or when he climaxes and ejaculates. Like when you shake up a soda. But because of the coconut oil the two liquids won't mix. Like oil and water. So the pre-cum is also a barrier to the Passion Dust preventing it from entering through the penis’ opening.


We use cosmetic grade glitters made of special non-toxic material and is much finer than regular craft glitter,This glitter is not made of metals, PVC, PET or other hard plastics which would almost certainly cause injury and would clearly not be suitable for such a use as this. The vaginal fluid is a natural barrier for the sparkles to protect against sharp edges to the woman's vaginal walls or her partners external skin.

If you get a sparkle in your eye DO NOT rub or scratch your eye. Instead close your eyes for 5 or 10 seconds, then blink several times to let the eye attempt to naturally "wash" the glitter out. If that doesn't work simply flush the eye with water to gently rinse out the piece of glitter and follow-up with an eye doctor.

FOR ADULTS ONLY: Passion Dust is a non-toxic product but because it is intended for adult use only we advise keeping it out of reach of small children who may mistake the capsule for candy.

ALLERGIES: If you have any allergies to coconut oil, sucrose or (sugar) based products or vegetable based products do not use Passion Dust as we do not know what effects the product may have on you.

If you find that you are experiencing any type of discomfort or having any type adverse reaction after using Passion Dust please discontinue use and follow-up with your gynecologist.


There are more harmful glitters, chemicals and additives in your cosmetics, bubble bath and bath bombs and body sprays than what is in Passion Dust. Scientifically, you have already inhaled or ingested more hazardous 'glitter' and chemicals than what is in our capsules. These chemicals have not caused you any significant harm medically because the amount that you have ingested is so small that it would take an extremely significant amount to cause you any bodily harm. 


A: First of all, you don't.

Passion Dust is not a necessity for any woman. It is just an alternative for women who find themselves having to wear uncomfortable panty liners all day, every day because they are trying to prevent that icky, sticky feeling and those embarrassing stains that can damage and ruin your pretty panties. There is nothing wrong with your vagina because you are having vaginal discharge in fact, it is completely normal and you should be more concerned if you don't see it. That discharge is how you know that 'Mother Nature' is doing her thing and keeping your vagina clean. It's also how Passion Dust is removed from your body, during your vaginal cleansing cycle. If it were not being naturally expelled then you would definitely be dripping glitter for years to cum, lol.


With that being said, if you've ever had vaginal issues such as those in your past then you are more susceptible to having a negative reaction. 

Glitter on my face vs. Glitter in my Vag...

Everything is a risk but not necessarily a harm. Our bodies are designed to filter out and dispose of what doesn’t belong by excretion via bodily fluids. Passion Dust is not being absorbed into your body nor is it penetrating. As we have stated before, we are not using dangerous cuts of 'arts and crafts' glitter. The grade of sparkle being used is non-toxic and .008 or smaller in size and your vaginal fluids in essence, create a protective barrier around the tiny particles preventing any dangerous penetration to your vaginal walls. So unless your vagina is more of a desert (meaning dry), you should be fine. And as far as anything being absorbed; Absorption occurs when chemicals break the skin barrier to reach the bloodstream and there are no such "chemicals" in Passion Dust. Your body is not absorbing Passion Dust. It is actually being excreted from your body, being pushed out like it is supposed to be. That is what the body and the vagina do naturally to protect and cleanse itself. This is a very, very important point to consider when researching.

It’s far too easy to present a frightening statistic in a believable manner, which is why it’s important to question the motives of a headline that presents theories rather than facts. The facts are that very little is capable of penetrating skin, and even less is absorbed into our body. 

What if i'm sensitive 'down there'?

A (Duh!) Disclaimer: If you know that you have a hyper-sensitive vagina or are just unsure then exercise your own common sense regarding your body and don't use this product if you know that you are prone to having a possible reaction or have had yeast infections in the past. 

We are not doctors here but again, we have done our research and 

testing so that we could knowledgeably address this topic with women who may have concerns. No matter what, you have to exercise your own best judgement when using this or any other product because only you would be familiar with your body's chemistry and everyone's body chemistry is different. 

Your health comes first but I hope you are able to join the PASSION PARTY!

Can I swallow the capsule?

Well, you technically could but we don't advise or recommend it because that is not the intended use of the product. With that being said; we get women (and men) who have unwittingly swallowed the capsule for whatever reason. If this happens don't panic!'ll just have to look for the sparkle in your poop 💩  not your Yara (vagina).

Can Passion Dust be used anally?

Passion Dust is a vaginal suppository and it is intended to be used vaginally. With that being said, we know that people will experiment with it to find even more interesting ways to use it and using it in any other way would be at your own risk.

Can I use more than 1 at a time?

You could if you wanted to, it would only intensify the 
amount of sparkle.

How long does it last?

The effects of Passion Dust can last up to 5 days. Passion Dust is not an exploding or gushing, oozing, dripping "glitter bomb" or "glitter glue", lube or gel. It is a subtle but noticeable effect. It will not 'get stuck' or build up inside your vagina. The vagina is self-cleansing and that is exactly what it does. Your body's natural defenses protect you from such instances.

NOTE: We suggest inserting the capsule just before taking a nice hot shower or bath and at least 1 hour prior to having intercourse. Your body temperature and moisture are what contribute to the capsule dissolving. During intercourse the capsule will be agitated also contributing to the process. (think of it like a washing machine pushing clothes around, only in this case it is a capsule being washed away to get the sparkle out of it).

Do the capsules expire?

Passion Dust capsules will last 3 to 6 months if properly stored away from extreme heat or cold, away from direct sunlight or high humidity environments. Room temperature is ideal. That's why the perfect place is your vanity table or lingerie area

What if my partner thinks it's "Weird?"...

Actual users LOVE it! others hate the idea of it and that's fine, to each their own.

Men don't know or understand why women do half of the things we do, 

they don't know or care why  women tend to be so enamored with pretty, sparkly things 

so to them it's all weird, crazy, stupid and pretty much unnecessary. If left up to them we'd have thin eyebrows, colorless, dry lips, and short lashes!

They never understand the reasons but they always appreciate the results. But, you know your man better than we do so if he isn't the type to experiment or try new things then sadly for you, you may have to test it with someone more open minded or just try it alone on your own.

We have an equal number of men who purchase Passion Dust as gifts for their wives and girlfriends so they're not out their angry about it. When he looks down at his 'magic stick' and sees it shining like it's 'God's gift'

it will be weird, but he won't be mad!...He'll either be really impressed with himself or really impressed by you! you can tell him or don't.